Weird Punks DAO

The Weird Punks DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is entirely community driven. Anyone with at least 1 WEIRD token is able to cast a vote for available proposals. Voting power is based on the total number of WEIRD tokens owned at time of proposal snapshot. A simple majority is required for a proposal to pass. Currently, a minimum of 60 token are required to create a new proposal. The DAO was created to help our “weird” community grow by allowing for fair and transparent governance that will guide our community efforts.


There are a thousand Weird Punks each able to receive one token per day for a hundred years. 1,000 Weird Punks x 365.25 days in a year x 100 years = 36,525,000 tokens
Tokens were also created to possibly offer voting rights to “OG” Weird Punks. 10,000 “OG” Weird Punks x 365.25 days in a year x 100 years = 365,250,000 tokens.
The maximum supply is 36,525,000 + 365,250,000 = 401,775,000 tokens
After the passing of Weird Punks DAO Proposal #1 (Should $WEIRD tokens reserved for the OG Weird Punks be burned?) 365,250,000 tokens were burned leaving a total supply of 36,525,000 tokens.
As of March 16, 2022 the current circulating supply is 131,478 tokens.
Weird Punks DAO

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